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Spares and Accessories


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5mm Noodle Dough Cutter


Our 5mm noodle cutter is another one of our accessories for the Electric Laminator Create & cook by AND, this product is similar to spaghetti cutter, but produces more strips of pasta wide. Instead of producing thin spaghetti, the slicer tagliatelle cuts the pasta dough into strips of about 5mm wide. Same as him spaghetti cutter, the noodle cutter is...

Complement for 3mm spaghetti


Our 3mm spaghetti cutter is the perfect complement to our Laminator electric Create & cook by AND since it is can adapt to the rotary movement of the cylinders and allows you to cut the pasta dough in the form of spaghetti in a dimension of 3mm in diameter for the length you want. It is a device that adapts...