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White Electric Ballerina


$ 2.000.000 COP

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Simplifying and facilitating our processes will always be the way

practical way to save time and costs, that is why our

Electric ballerina Crea & Cocina By AND is the complement

perfect for decorating cakes, creating chocolate decorations,

increase the details of your products much faster.

Perfection is something that cannot be improvised, that's why our dancer

it's just the right power tool, just turn it on,

adjust its speed and direction of rotation, and you will have your hands

free to dedicate yourself solely and exclusively to creating edible art,

and all, quickly, accurately and consistently.

You will be able to decorate, cover, fill and finish cakes, candies, desserts,

cookies among other bakery and pastry products.

Its large capacity supports up to 50 kg, so you can not only use it

not to work on it but to use it as a decorative turntable

and add to your customers or your products dynamism in the exhibition.

  • Its capacity of about 50kg net load

make our electric dancer a product of

high performance.

  • Its rotation speed is adjustable from 0 to

the 60RPM.

  • Due to its clockwise rotation system and

opposite direction you can adjust it if your way of working is

right or left handed

  • Its body is made of carbon steel and its base is made of tempered glass.

8mm offers you a working diameter of 32.5cm.

  • It has a weight of 7kg and general measurements of 36cm x

26cm x 14cm including packaging.

  • You will have authorized technical assistance in Colombia In addition to one year

warranty (see terms and conditions)

This product does not include any type of complementary accessory,

All decoration elements are subject to availability and/or are

sold separately.