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5mm Noodle Dough Cutter


$ 89.000 COP

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Our 5mm noodle cutter is another one of

our accessories for the Electric Laminator

Create & cook by AND, this product is similar to

spaghetti cutter, but produces more strips of pasta


Instead of producing thin spaghetti, the slicer

tagliatelle cuts the pasta dough into strips of

about 5mm wide. Same as him

spaghetti cutter, the noodle cutter is composed

of two parts: a cylindrical base

labeled in the shape of spaghetti and a second

juxtaposed base that serves as a cutter.

The 5mm noodle cutter is useful for making a

variety of pasta dishes, from Asian noodles

to more traditional pasta dishes like tagliatelle

with bolognese sauce.

Measurements with packaging: 12x21x8cm

Weight: 550 grams