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Pink Electric Dough Sheeter


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dough sheeter

Our dough sheeter Crea & Cocina by AND

It is ideal for domestic and professional use as it achieves

perfectly and evenly laminate sweet masses,

salty and even crafts such as porcelain and plasticine.

It offers a number of benefits in the baking process,

pastry and masses for salty use; with two non-stick rollers

37cm wide gives you a performance to laminate masses

maximum 35cm wide for the length you want to handle.

It has an autonomy of more than 8 hours of constant use

thanks to its flame retardant polymer coating.

With our laminator you can experience high performance

in the productivity of your business or your projects, since our

machine manages, for example, to laminate 8kg x hour of dough with a

consumption of 0.27 kW/h.

You can adjust the thickness of your masses between 7mm and 0.1mm,

achieving uniformity and standardization of your products in so

just a few minutes

Advantages of our Laminator.

You will be able to laminate about 16 meters of dough per minute achieving

May your time savings be reflected in your daily productivity.

If yours is confectionery you should know that with our machine

you will be able to cover approximately 30 cakes a day or up to 300 appliqués

Cupcakes and cookies using fondant masses or gum paste.

But if you prefer the bakery you can make uniform croissants,

perfect and in the shortest possible time, in addition to reducing

80% the effort of laminating the product in the traditional way.

And if you are one of the people who enjoys salt cooking now do

your handmade pasta like a professional will be your thing, because our

machine allows to laminate in an almost perfect way all kinds of doughs

salty suitable for pasta.

  • Our laminator has a 1/3hp motor of a

single speed.

  • 37cm silicone rollers adjustable between them from

7mm to 0.1mm.

  • 110v electrical connection.
  • Weight 12 kg with packaging.
  • Packaging measures 53cm x 35cm x 25cm.
  • You will have authorized technical assistance in Colombia In addition

one year warranty (see terms and conditions)

This product does not include any type of complementary accessory,

All decoration elements are subject to availability and/or

sold separately.