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A Revolution Called Electric Dough Sheeter

By: :Camila Estrada León 0 comments
A Revolution Called Electric Dough Sheeter

A dough sheeter is undoubtedly an ideal machine to be used in the food industry and in bakeries to laminate or stretch dough for bread, pasta, fondant and other food or craft products. The Crea & Cocina sheeter works by compressing and stretching the dough to obtain a thin and uniform sheet of dough.

Dough sheeters can be manual or electric. However, the manual ones are generally smaller, cumbersome, difficult to handle, tiring and cause severe pain in the hands, while our electric sheeter is the perfect size to handle larger volumes of dough, in addition to guaranteeing thickness, quality and consistency. efficiency in home productions, semi-industrial and enterprises.

Dough sheeters are especially useful for the production of bakery products such as croissants, puff pastries, and other layered pastries that require a thin, uniform laminated dough. They can also be used for the production of fresh pasta such as pasta for lasagna or noodles, in the pastry shop in the production of fondant covers and gum paste decorations.

For example, we have also discovered incredible uses for baking plasticine, porcelain and other materials for the production of accessories, teaching materials, space decorations, etc.

Our dough sheeters are available to make your creations on another level, their size and design can be adapted to different production needs and space requirements.